Civita font family

Dieter Hofrichter's Civita font family


Civita Fonts from Hoftype.

An appreciation of Dieter Hofrichter’s Civita type family.


Every now and again a new typeface will appear that simply bowls you over with the beauty of its letterforms and overall construction. No mean feat when you spend as much time as I do pouring over type catalogues, font specimens, blogs and typesites.

Civita by Dieter Hofrichter, emerged in 2012 but has been strangely ignored in the “best of year” round ups recently. For me though it was love at first sight.

On the surface Civita is a fairly formal typeface but look closer and you’ll start to appreciate just how fluid and curvaceous it is, with bags of personality and plenty of distinguishing features. The high stroke contrast, particularly in the lighter weights, paired with the solid stems make for an elegant combination that works brilliantly at both text and display sizes. Civita has an almost calligraphic flourish to its flicks and terminals that is just gorgeous.

We shouldn’t be surprised by Hofrichter’s talents of course; he attended art school and later studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, however it was under the wing of the notorious Günter Gerhard Lange at Berthold where he honed his type design skills and assisted in the production of popular classics such as Akzidenz Grotesk, Imago, Berthold Garamond and many more.

Hofrichter established his own Hoftype foundry in 2010 and has quickly built up an incredible collection of high quality OpenType fonts aimed at design and branding professionals. Civita, like all Hoftype releases, contains an extensive character set covering more than 40 languages, plus small caps, multiple figure sets and additional OpenType features.

Here’s hoping Civita isn’t destined to be a hidden gem. Download the free Light weight and it should convince you to invest in the full family of 12 Civita font styles (ExtraLight to ExtraBold plus italics).


Civita typeface designed by Dieter Hofrichter


Civita typeface


Hoftype's Civita font


Buy the Civita family in OpenType OTF format.