Precious Sans Two

Precious Sans Two Typeface

Precious Sans Two: major reboot of original Precious Sans typeface.


Nick Cooke’s striking new sans serif type family, released in January 2014, is actually an extensive overhaul of an old one: his original Precious Sans typeface, first released back in 2002.

Precious Sans Two is a welcome addition to the G-Type library, not only because it makes its first appearance in feature-rich OpenType format, but on account of the enhancements that Cooke has introduced, transforming the design into a more usable and text friendly typeface. The new fonts are infinitely more legible and versatile as a result.

Precious Sans Two is no run of the mill re-release though; nearly every character has been redrawn, re-proportioned, respaced and generally improved. Not so much revived as totally revamped.

The original Precious Sans was well received at the time and sold steadily but certain quirkier characteristics, the extended lower case ‘f’ for instance, or the signature ‘g’, were perhaps too prominent and a little distracting. Abbreviated terminals on the ‘a’ and ‘s’ also made the original design less appealing when used as body text, thus restricting its primary usage to headlines and display setting. Second time around the revised letterforms have not only addressed the limitations of the original but made huge improvements right across the board.

Precious Sans Two design changes

Precious Sans Two is now in cross-platform compatible OpenType format with extended Latin language support for Western & Central Europe, the Baltic states & Turkey. The original quirkier glyphs have been retained as an OT style set feature and the typeface now contains small caps and an extensive set of discretionary ligatures as well as proportional and tabular figures.

The character set is further enhanced with the addition of 20 directional single and double arrows in each of the six weights which range from Thin through to Black, all with accompanying italics.

Precious Sans Two is a distinctively modern typeface, well equipped for advanced typographic use in print, web and digital publishing environments.

Precious Sans Two typeface from G-Type

G-Type Precious Sans Two font

Precious Sans Two font from G-Type



Read more about the development of Precious Sans Two on the G-Type blog or test drive and buy the fonts for immediate download at

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