Licensing your fonts:
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A digital font is a piece of software. When you buy and download Font Software from Typespec you are actually purchasing a Licence to use the fonts according to the terms and conditions specified in the relevant End User Licence Agreement (EULA). You must agree to these terms at checkout in order to complete your transaction successfully.

Licences for desktop, web, app and ePub use can all be purchased directly from; simply choose the licence(s) you need when adding a font to your shopping basket. If you need a more extensive licence than the options listed online simply contact us for a quote.

Unless specified otherwise, all licences are perpetual and cover both personal and commercial use.

Your email receipt/invoice will stipulate the relevant licence option you have chosen; keep this in a safe place as no other licence document or certificate will be provided.

Desktop Font Licence:
• required if installing fonts on desktop computers, laptops etc for use with design and office applications, printers etc
• permits use of the font by the number of licensed users selected at checkout
• permits the creation of static images, vector outlines & graphic files (e.g. eps, jpg, png etc) for use in logos, presentations, documents & web pages; to embed dynamic webfonts using CSS please purchase the relevant webfont licence for your needs
• you are permitted to embed the Font Software into non-commercial documents (such as PDFs) in Print and Preview format only
• there are no restrictions on the number of geographical locations

Webfont Licence:
• required if embedding dynamic fonts into your website using CSS @font-face technology
• select the appropriate licence for your needs which is based on average monthly pageviews for your site, not the number of individual visitors
• the licence covers a single domain; language variants and sub-domains are included

App Licence:
• required if embedding fonts into digital/mobile software applications (“Apps”) developed for platforms such as iOS, Android etc
• apps are licensed per title; updates & specific language versions of an app are not classed as separate entities

ePub Licence:
• required if embedding fonts into commercial electronic publications (“ePub”) that are sold to end users
• ePub examples are eBooks, eMagazines or PDF titles that are sold to readers; file formats include PDF, EPUB, AZW, MOBI, DOC, TXT etc
• ePubs are licensed per title; updates & specific language versions of an ePub are not classed as separate entities


Important restrictions:
• You are not permitted to rent, lease, sub-license, file share, re-sell or re-distribute the Font Software.
• 3rd parties (agencies, suppliers etc) requiring access to the Font Software must purchase their own Licence.
• You are not permitted to modify, convert, edit, add characters, re-name or change the Font Software in any manner whatsoever. This includes using software tools to create webfont formats of the Font Software (EOT, WOFF, SVG, TTF etc). Instead contact Typespec for a quote to cover your custom requirements and/or buy a Webfont Licence.
• You are not permitted to use any element of the Font Software to create derivative work or to use it as a stylistic basis to make a new font.
• You are not permitted to install the Font Software on a web server for use as part of an application, product or software service (e.g. online greetings card services); contact Typespec to arrange a separate Web Server Licence.
• You are not permitted to bundle, include or embed the Font Software in products, software or devices for commercial distribution without the appropriate licence, e.g. games, phones and other software or hardware products; contact Typespec to arrange the appropriate OEM or Application Embedding Licence for this usage.
• You must never share or post Typespec Font Software as downloadable files anywhere on the Internet.


Full Licence Terms:
Please refer to the relevant End User Licence Agreements (EULA) for desktop, web, app or ePub usage terms & conditions before making a purchase:

Once purchased, the Font Software is non-refundable and these terms and conditions are legally binding. If you do not wish to comply and be bound by any term or condition contained in these EULAs you cannot download, access or use the Font Software.