Custom font solutions and bespoke type design servicesCustom Fonts & Bespoke Type.

Typespec is a multi-disciplined font solutions provider offering a full suite of bespoke type
design & custom font services. The consultancy is based in the UK with over 20 years
experience in the type business working with clients large and small.

Our extensive know-how is reflected in the comprehensive range of services we offer.

We’re equally adept at specifying and licensing the most suitable retail font for your project
as we are designing a unique custom font to your brief.

We can also guide you through the minefield of font licensing for desktop, mobile, app, web
and corporate use, saving you time, effort and money.


Our core type services:

• Custom Type Design
Unique typefaces designed for an organisation’s exclusive use; with or without a brief we’ll develop a type concept that fits your business like a glove and provides you with the best branding tool money can buy, a bespoke font drawn with the highest precision that is an invaluable company asset.

• Custom Font Production
Your supplied artwork or digital file refined and transformed into a fully functioning, bullet-proof font that will perform superbly on all media. Kerned, spaced and tested to exacting standards.

• Font Modification Work
Existing fonts finessed or extended to replace missing characters, incorporate new glyphs or symbols, alternates, additional weights or extra OpenType features.

• Multi-lingual Extensions
Diacritics, accents & codepages added to extend a font’s language coverage. Pan-European layouts including Greek and Cyrillic are meat and drink to us. Arabic? No problem!

• Logotype Design
New logotypes, mastheads or word marks designed from scratch. Tired old logos refreshed, overhauled or modernised.

• Font Licensing
Advice and assistance with any font licence requirement you have, be it for personal, web, desktop, mobile, corporate, enterprise, app, server, OEM or 3rd party use. Costs and terms differ hugely from one foundry to another and we can source the most flexible and cost-effective font licensing solution for your business. We can also help with a font audit to assess your type collection and ensure your organisation is legally compliant.

• Type Supply
Most of the world’s commercial, mainstream, designer or indie fonts from foundries large and small can be purchased through Typespec at the best prices.

• Typographic Consultancy
Anything goes! From guidance on the best font to use for a particular purpose to specifying the nearest Cyrillic equivalent, perhaps some pointers on webfont formats or font management utilities, Typespec will sort you out. We’ll keep you informed about the best new font releases and the important technical developments in the rapidly changing world of fonts!

• Foundry Services
Typespec can assist small foundries and designers with promotional and marketing activities to boost exposure, raise awareness and increase sales. You may even need technical or production assistance to bring your fonts to market.


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