History of the Doves Type®

The Doves Type®
History of the Doves Type Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson along with partner, photographer and engraver Emery Walker, established the Doves Press in 1900 by the banks of the River Thames in Hammersmith, London. Cobden-Sanderson’s stated intention for the Press was, ‘to attack the problems of Typography’. Preparations for the new venture had begun the previous year, [...]

Recovering The Doves Type®

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BBC journalist Tom Beal's background piece and interview with Robert after the discovery was announced. Rewind 4 months, to the first three pieces found by Robert Green, lower case v, i & e, discovered after only 20 minutes at low tide under Hammersmith bridge in October 2014. They had probably moved no more than 10 [...]

The Doves Type® revival

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Raised from the dead:The Doves Type story. The Doves Type legend is one of the most enduring in typographic history and probably the most infamous. It’s the story of a typeface and a bitter feud between the two partners of Hammersmith’s celebrated Doves Press, Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker, leading to the protracted disposal [...]