Doves Type: Revisited

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Robert Green explains why he has revisited his Doves Type and produced new Text & Headline versions of the iconic typeface. Since its initial release in 2013, there have been two further updates of the digital Doves Type. This latest version was developed over the last two years. There were several reasons for revisiting the [...]

History of the Doves Type®

The Doves Type®
History of the Doves Type Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson along with partner, photographer and engraver Emery Walker, established the Doves Press in 1900 by the banks of the River Thames in Hammersmith, London. Cobden-Sanderson’s stated intention for the Press was, ‘to attack the problems of Typography’. Preparations for the new venture had begun the previous year, [...]

Recovering The Doves Type®

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BBC journalist Tom Beal's background piece and interview with Robert after the discovery was announced. Rewind 4 months, to the first three pieces found by Robert Green, lower case v, i & e, discovered after only 20 minutes at low tide under Hammersmith bridge in October 2014. They had probably moved no more than 10 [...]

The Doves Type® revival

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Raised from the dead:The Doves Type story. The Doves Type legend is one of the most enduring in typographic history and probably the most infamous. It’s the story of a typeface and a bitter feud between the two partners of Hammersmith’s celebrated Doves Press, Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker, leading to the protracted disposal [...]