xentum logo

The xentum project is a good example of a client preferring to licence off-the-shelf fonts for their corporate identity instead of commissioning custom type. This can often be the best solution if time or budget constraints come into play.

Typespec worked with the client’s agency ScratchCreate and presented an initial set of logo options in a range of typefaces we felt met the brief and were a good fit for the brand. A final shortlist was chosen with the ‘x’ letterform a key factor in the decision making process; at this stage both upper & lower case variants were under consideration.

Trial versions of the fonts were supplied for evaluation and Dieter Hofrichter’s elegant, free-flowing Corda typeface, a semi-contrasted serif, was eventually selected for the logotype.

The client, a financial services company, also licensed G-Type’s Chevin Pro as their text face for print and web use after consultation with Typespec.

Client: Xentum Limited
Agency: ScratchCreate