Morrisons Savers

Client: Morrisons
Brand: M Savers
Agency: Coley Porter Bell

Typespec have produced a bespoke typeface for use on over 17,000 products in the M Savers range, Morrisons’ new entry level ‘value’ brand which is getting a full roll out in 2012.

The M Savers letterforms were designed by senior CPB creative Craig Barnes. Typespec crafted matching punctuation and extended the character set to include full West European accents, ordinals and currency symbols before kerning, spacing and generating the new custom font in OpenType format.

Coupled with eye-catching hand-drawn illustrations the quirky type style injects real personality into the brand that will engage shoppers and make the entire product range a more attractive proposition. The bright and colourful packaging should help to dilute the stigma certain buyers traditionally associate with 'basic' or 'value' branded items.

A key component of the M Savers custom font is the programmed feature which automatically replaces certain double character combinations (gg, tt, rr etc) with special ligatures drawn by Typespec; this increases the handwritten authenticity and charm of the lettering. The playfulness of the typeface is further accentuated by irregular positioning of glyphs in relation to the baseline.

“Morrisons’ new positioning is all about food culture and a human touch”, according to CPB Creative Director Stephen Bell. “These designs contribute to the feeling that even Morrisons’ most humble products have been cared for by people. We’d like people to raise a little smile when they see these designs.”

Morrisons Savers custom font


M Savers lettering

M Savers goods featuring Typespec custom fontM Savers font glyphs

Product shots courtesy of Coley Porter Bell

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